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"One of the best follow-the-money thrillers is not found on the fiction shelves, but rather in the nonfiction section. This true story of the modern plundering of Hawaii’s Bishop Estate Charitable Trust, described as "world record for breaches of trust," has elements most novelists couldn’t devise. Just when you think the only thing missing from this account of avarice, arrogance, corruption and deception is sex, we get lewd acts in a public rest room.... Broken Trust ends with such irony even King and Roth can hardly believe it. If the measure of tragedy is how far the mighty can fall, then this story is enormous."
--Westside Chronicle, Santa Monica, California

“As a mere story, even if it were fiction, the book would be fascinating reading. Beginning with a sensitive portrait of the cultural and political setting for the Princess’s life and the formation of her values and vision, the book combines the lure of the Islands with the intrigue of a whodunit to draw the reader inescapably into the drama. Like readers of any good novel, we join the plot vicariously, we picture the action, we pick heroes and cheer, and we identify villains and his. We turn page after page.”
 --Ronald D. Aucutt, Real Property, Probate and Trust Journal

“King and Roth present a fascinating, and suspenseful, account of the Bishop Estate scandal.  They write in a simple, journalistic fashion that will captivate both the casual and academic reader, particularly those with an interest in legal and estate matters.  Broken Trust is rich in anthropological detail, and spiced with characters and quotations that would comfortably populate a John Grisham novel, even the obligatory sexual interlude.  The authors are cogent, fearless, and uncomplimentary when documenting the role and ethical quandaries of lawyers and judges.  They even provide an index and photographs to help keep track of the large cast of characters, and they lighten the text with editorial cartoons….  Personally, I found Broken Trust as enthralling as the business book Barbarians at the Gate, which was later turned into a movie.  It would sit well on your library shelf, or that of a wealthy client who is contemplating posterity.”  
--James Daw, Estates, Trusts & Pensions Journal

Broken Trust--the true story of a multi-billion dollar charitable trust established by a Hawaiian princess and looted by its trustees--[has] all the ingredients of a promising morality tale.  For years, terrible wrongs were done: trustees, lawyers and even justices of the Hawaiian Supreme Court openly committed unethical, underhanded and often illegal acts."
--Alexander A. Bove, Trusts & Estates

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